Visits of EuXFEL & DESY

We will offer several tours on Monday, 28 March 2022

Before the conference starts, you will have the opportunity to visit PETRA III and FLASH (DESY campus), the European XFEL accelerator and experimental hall (EuXFEL site). Afterwards, the welcome reception will start in the evening. There will be unguided tours on the European XFEL site, you are free to visit the experiments on display. On the DESY campus you will be accompanied by guides.

  • There will be a bus shuttle between the DESY campus (Hamburg) and the European XFEL (Schenfeld).
  • The schedule will allow for lunch on either the DESY or European XFEL site.

After the visits, you can use the HVV ticket, which you will receive upon registration on site, to go to the welcome reception.

Please register for the tours online when you register for the conference. Places are limited.

Further information will be published here soon.