Awards & Prizes

SRI 2021 Poster award winners

Poster award winner “Engineering/technical result” (Jury): No. 4.3.1
        Shotaro Matsumura (Department of Precision Engineering, Osaka University, Japan)
        “Surface processing of micro-channel-cut crystal monochromator using plasma
           chemical vaporization machining with wire electrode”

Poster award winner “Scientific result” (Jury): No. 2.101
        Maren Hoock (Department of Physics, Technical University Kaiserslautern, Germany)
        “Nuclear forward scattering of photochemical and catalytically active iridium complexes”

Poster award winner “Scientific/technical result” (Audience): No. 4.1
       Josephine Gutekunst (KIT, Institut of Microstructure Technology, Germany)
        “Development of a liquid refractive X-ray lens”

Jury: A. Taleb (Soleil), J. Lüning (HZB), K. Appel (EuXFEL), S. Toleikis (DESY)

SRI 2021 Poster award

Outstanding posters presented at the SRI 2021 conference can be awarded a "SRI Poster Award". The award winners will be honoured with an award certificate.

Who is eligible?
All poster presenters at the SRI 2021 conference are eligible.

How to apply?
If you present a poster at the SRI 2021 you can register your poster for the "SRI Poster Award" competition here (Deadline: 25 March 2022):

in the following three categories:
(1) scientific result (Jury)
(2) engineering/technical result (Jury)
(3) scientific/technical result (Audience).

Selection of the awardees
During the poster sessions at the SRI2021, a scientific international jury and the audience will select the winning posters. The choice will be based on "scientific excellence", "relevance of the topic for the field" and the "presentation of the scientific information on the poster" as well as the "presentation of the presenting author". All conference attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the top three posters (Link for online voting is available for participants on the Indico webpage). Once all votes are collected up to 3 posters with the most votes will be awarded the audience poster prize.

Award ceremony
The poster awards will be presented at the conference during the SRI 2021 award session on Friday, 1 April 2022, 15h.