Abstract Submission

If you are interested in presenting your research please submit your
abstract here: https://indico.desy.de/event/27430/abstracts/

Re-opening abstract submission: 1 April 2021
Deadline for submission 8 January 2022

For modifying or withdrawing your abstract please go to the Abstract Submission website, click at "My abstracts" on the title of your abstract. Then you see at the top, right corner a pencil sign, which you can use for modifications or a "withdraw" button for withdrawing your abstract.

The upcoming SRI 2021 will cover the following topics:

Facilities and general topics
- FEL: new facilities and scientific opportunities
- Industrial applications
- Novel lattices and ID's
- Scientific opportunities at new sources
- SR Facility updates
- SR New facilities and scientific opportunities

Instrumentation techniques and data
- Beam and optics diagnostics
- Beamline innovation
- Data, automation & remote access
- Detectors
- Sample environment & delivery systems
- X-ray optics

Scientific applications and X-ray techniques
- Crystallography and Structural Biology
- Exploiting coherence with X-ray beams
- Imaging
- New opportunities in high-pressure research
- Scanning imaging & magnetism
- Spectroscopies and Time Resolved Spectroscopies
- Length of the abstract
   The abstract should not exceed more than 1 page A4 including figures and references.

- Figures can be uploaded as attachments. Please include figure captions at the end of the article.
   For figures please only use .jpg or .png

It is planned to publish proceedings for the conference. Details will be published in due course